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The Mozbot search engine has a number of functions that need to be explained. In terms of advance search features, generally, and to be brief :-), Mozbot uses Google's results and you can use the advanced search syntax from this engine for your searches. They are summarized in the table below:

 Advanced search terms
Upper / lower case Idem: Mozbot does not take into account the case of letters.
Example: ibm will find ibm, IBM or Ibm.
Ibm will find Ibm, ibm or IBM.
IBM will find IBM, ibm or Ibm.
Accents Important.
electricite and électricité do not give the same results even if the differences are often minimal.
Word order Important: paris dakar gives a different result to dakar paris. Greater significance is given to the first word.
Example: engine OR directory. This condition must be used in upper case.
AND Default condition
Example: search engine will search for pages containing both search AND engine. It is also possible to use the + sign to request a specific spelling:
Example: +ją©rą•me will not find the jerome version (without accents).
Example: engine -search searches for pages containing engine that do not contain search.
Phrases Quotation marks.
Example: "search engine" searches for the complete phrase, all two words next to each other in the correct order.
Abbreviations No
Searches using abbreviations are not possible on Mozbot.
Synonyms Swung dash (~)
Searching for powerpoint ~help will search for powerpoint AND help or tips, faq, tutorial, etc.
Search within a web domain site:
Example: engine searches for documents containing the word engine that are on the website
Search for links to a site link:
Example: will find documents that contain a link to a page on the site with an address that contains the phrase
Search for similar sites related:
Example: will find similar sites to the Mozbot site.
Search the cache cache:
Example: will find the version of the Mozbot site cached in the search engine.
Site information info:
Example: will produce various information on the site.
Limit the search daterange:
Example: google daterange:2452640-2452779. Dates must be in a Julian format.
Search for a file type filetype:
Example: css filetype:pdf. Several formats can be used.
Search in titles (1) allintitle:
Example: allintitle:mozbot faq will find pages that contain the words mozbot AND faq in their title.
Search in titles (2) intitle:
Example: intitle:mozbot faq will find pages that contain the word mozbo in their title and the word faq in the page.
URL Search (1) allinurl:
Example: allinurl:mozbot faq will find pages that contain the words mozbot AND faq in their URL.
URL Search (2) inurl:
Example: inurl:mozbot faq will find pages that contain the word mozbot in their URL and the word faq in the page.
Search in the text intext:
Example: intext:mozbot will find pages that contain the word mozbot in the text of the page buy not necessarily in the title, the page header or the links text.

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