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The Mozbot search engine is managed by 2 companies:
3, rue des Châteaux
67140 Heiligenstein
1 Impasse de la Sapinière
44119 Treillieres

Or more precisely by (from left to right on the photo above) Frank, Sebastien and Olivier, three friends who wanted to share their pasts and their search engine experiences to put their ideas into practice with Mozbot.

Mozbot was previously called Reacteur.com. Its initial orientation, when it was created in 2003, was as a laboratory for ideas related to searching the Web for information. It allowed us to test many search functionalities over the months and has led to us having a better understanding of how search engines work. We take this opportunity to warmly thank our early partners who were a great help during this period: Espotting (sponsored links), Exalead and Dir.com (Web links).

Then, as a second stage, we had the opportunity to sign a contract with Google for the "search results" section and for "sponsored links". We then thought to ourselves that it would be interesting to display these results whilst modestly adding a few extra ideas that we would like to find on a search engine when we do our own searches on the Web but which Google does not offer (yet?). As the project had an international scale the name "reacteur" was considered to be too French and was no longer suitable. The search engine was renamed as "Mozbot".

At the same time, you should be aware that Mozbot is also the name of a Mozilla development project to produce an IRC bot and you can get more information on it from: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mozbot/

The two Parties have agreed to share the name of Mozbot and we thank the bot development team for this.
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